Drafting a children’s basic bodice block (front)

12 Mar

This tutorial will show you how to draft a basic bodice block for children. You can use this block as a basis for creating different designs.

Measurements needed:

1 – Shoulder slope: measure from shoulder-neck to waist centre (front and back).

2- Full length: measure from shoulder-neck to waist (front and back).

3- Centre length: measure from centre neckline to waist (front and back).

4- Across shoulder: Measure from shoulder to shoulder (front and back).

5- Bust or chest arc: measure front from side seam to side seam.

6- Waist arc: measure waist from side seam to side seam.

7- Back arc: measure across back from side seam to side seam.

8- Shoulder length: measure from shoulder-neck to shoulder.

9- Side length: measure from below arm to waist.

childrens bodice block measurements

Now lets get started!

Square a line and mark A on the top left corner.20130310_180857



A-B = Full length + 1/16 inch20130310_181159


A-C = Across shoulder…now square a short line down from C20130310_181344

B-D = Centre front length minus 3/8 inch, now square a short line in from D20130310_181601

B-E = Bust or chest arc. Add 1 inch for sizes 3-6, or 1/2 inch for sizes 7-14. Now square a line up from E.20130310_182101

B-F = Slope measurement plus 1/8 inch.20130310_182227


F-G = Shoulder length. 20130310_182410

Now square a line from the F-G line.20130310_182445


B-H = 2 1/2 inches.20130310_182556

H-I = 3/4 inch ( 1  1/4 inches for sizes 7-14)20130310_182649

H-J = Half of H-I.20130310_182735

Square a line up from J.

K = Side length minus 3/4 inch.20130310_183015

Draw dart legs from K to H and K to I.20130310_183050

E-L = 3/4 inch.20130310_183120

Draw a slightly curved line from L to I.20130310_183214

L-M = Side length.20130310_183318

Square a short line in from M.20130310_183419

F-N = 2 inches.20130310_183456

N-O = 3/8 inch.20130310_183547

With a french curve touching D, G draw a curved line.20130310_183652


With a french curve touching points F, O and M draw armhole curve. The curve line can blend with the square line before touching point M.20130310_183825


And thats the front finished.20130310_183956

Check out the tutorial for the back bodice here.


Suit yourself

31 Jan

I recently came across this photo and just thought it was genius!


I think it is so true!! Menswear and especially tailoring has become very popular recently. Although I am a womenswear designer I adore menswear in particular traditional tailoring, there is just something about a well crafted 3 piece suit. Ironically one of my favourite TV shows at the moment is suits, partially because of this guy…

tumblr_mhgo7tbIbQ1rpzhh9o1_500Who doesn’t love Harvey Spector? His character on the show and his dress sense is amazing! Iv put together a few photos of my favourite outfits from the show…


tumblr_mchi20IFLD1qcysh1o1_500 tumblr_mde33l1vie1rl1fudo1_500 tumblr_mdei3sIWpz1qdw6glo1_500 tumblr_mdrrhz6XTW1qcysh1o1_500 tumblr_me62kqIhwK1qm2rv7o1_500 tumblr_mfltb9xZUn1r9qwrpo1_500 tumblr_mg7l2u0te11r636zzo1_500 tumblr_mgbzqe1sl11rnxcsko1_500 tumblr_mgmfco8nat1ruy8p1o1_500 tumblr_mgs2fqCdCO1rb5sino1_500


Adding a detachable collar onto a top (tutorial)

17 Jan

Detachable peter pan collars have been a big fashion craze for a while now! I recently got a custom order to add a detachable lace collar onto a top. I thought it would be a great idea to put together a tutorial on this as its a great way to add a bit of detail to your tops!

What you will need: Scissors, sewing machine, thread, hand sewing needle, pins.


Step 1: lay the collar onto the neckline and mark with pins where the seam ends.


Step 2: you will be sewing this into the seam so you will need to remove the beads on the ends so they don’t get in the way whilst you’re sewing. The beads will be handsewn back on at the end.


Step 3: unpick the shoulder seam and tuck in the collar, you should have marked earlier where the collar will fit in. Sew the seam, as you can see it would have been difficult to sew with the beads in the way.5

Step 4: cut off the excess material.6

Step 5: hand sew back on the beads up until the seam.7

Step 6: the collar now needs to be fixed in place so pin it down at the neckline.8

Step 7: now hand sew with the same colour thread round the neckline.9



Fall 2013 story boards

8 Jan

With the Autumn/winter 2013/14 fashion weeks just round the corner I have put together some mood boards to sum up the trend predictions for the season. Enjoy! 🙂

8 Jan

The lovely kirin in ELDELAYMI black dress


today’s closetcast: layered up




About a month ago, the kind and lovely designer of UK based clothing brand Eldelaymi contacted me asking if I would like to showcase one of her designs on my blog. Of course I jumped at the chance!

Within a few weeks, Kawther sent me this lovely LBD. It’s a tank style, but with the temperatures in the low 40s this morning, I couldn’t bring myself to take off my jacket. The dress is gorgeous and will be fun to dress up or down. It has this beautiful lace overlay on the bodice and it buttons from neck to hem. I dressed it down today with a puffy jacket layered over my denim jacket. I added my Moroccan inspired belt, picked up from a flea market ages ago, to add a little visual break from all the black.

You can find more about Eldelaymi here and…

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Looking back at 2012

1 Jan

2012 has been a memorable year with its ups and downs. ELDELAYMI took a step forward with two successful collections that we had an amazing time shooting!! And lets not forget the launch of http://www.eldelaymi.com towards the end of the year! Thank you to everyone that has supported our journey so far and we hope to bring you more exciting fashion in 2013! HAPPY NEW YEAR 😀

Looking back at 2012

Gucci Pre-Fall 2013

29 Dec

I have been researching into next autumn/winter fashion trends and what to expect. Something that really caught my eye was Gucci’s pre-fall 2013 collection, I have to admit I’m not generally a fan of Gucci but this collection seemed different to previous collections. I loved the clean cut tailoring combined with rich autumn colours, here are some photos of my favourite outfits.