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Fall 2013 story boards

8 Jan

With the Autumn/winter 2013/14 fashion weeks just round the corner I have put together some mood boards to sum up the trend predictions for the season. Enjoy! 🙂


Gucci Pre-Fall 2013

29 Dec

I have been researching into next autumn/winter fashion trends and what to expect. Something that really caught my eye was Gucci’s pre-fall 2013 collection, I have to admit I’m not generally a fan of Gucci but this collection seemed different to previous collections. I loved the clean cut tailoring combined with rich autumn colours, here are some photos of my favourite outfits.



Spotted: Blair waldorf in Elie Saab..

22 Dec

So Gossip Girl sadly ended this week, but it was a great and happy ending…and off course the fashion was amazing!! One thing that really caught my eye was Blair’s wedding dress, the colour and the design was breath taking. It was a simple yet elegant silhouette and who would of thought to have blue for a wedding dress?


Blair’s dress was from the Elie Saab haute couture spring/summer 2012 collection, after seeing her dress I decided to research the collection and I have picked out my favourite outfits to share with you…enjoy! xoxo

















Suits up

30 Sep

Last week I went to watch Lawless, an American gangster film based on the novel The Wettest Country in the World. I was really impressed by the outfits in the film especially those of one of the main characters Jack Bondurant (Shia LaBeouf). About half way through the film his style changes due to his financial circumstances, all of a sudden the character is dressed in stylish suits and waistcoats, reflecting the 1920s/30s era the film was set in. With every outfit he wore I kept saying to my friend why don’t men dress like that these days?

The waistcoats have to be my favourite, matching the formal trousers with a contrasting smart shirt and tie.

The UK is known for its tailored look and elegant craftsmanship, reflecting the heritage and traditions of the country. Unfortunately over the years the British tailoring industry has gradually shrunk due to financial circumstances and labour costs. It is safe to say the High Street has taken over, offering consumers fashionable on trend garments at lower prices. We live in a time where we sacrifice quality for cheaper garments that will last only one season; high quality garments made from luxurious fabrics are mostly accessible to the wealthy members of society. I guess the consumer is not to blame, as everyone’s financial situation is different, but it’s a shame there is no focus on high end tailoring.

On the other hand there is some hope, with locations like Savile row, a small street in Mayfair (central London) that was built between 1731-1735 and still exists today, offering traditional men’s bespoke tailoring. A man can go in to one of the tailors available to choose a design and fabrics, great craftsmanship will then go in to produce a unique made to fit suit. Apprenticeships and training schemes are available for anyone interested in becoming a Savile Row tailor. Unfortunately even though Savile Row is still going today, it is under threat by massive retailers opening up on the street, I do hope that it continues to exist as a unique location reflecting the british style and heritage.

For anyone interested in finding out more about Savile Row, here are some interesting videos:

Countdown to the final season of Gossip Girl!

28 Sep

So the final season of Gossip Girl is nearly here, and ermmm excited isn’t the word! It’s one of my favourite TV shows, partially due to the fashion. Iv just seen the latest trailer and it did not fail my expectations! With drama, excitement, scandals and oh yes the fashion! Check out the trailer:

My favourite character on the show has to be Blair Waldorf, I love her personality style and wittiness. Heres a few of my favourite outfits shes worn on the show:

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Finding your personal style

24 Sep

Fashion is a form of art, what you wear expresses your personality, style or even the mood you’re in. As a fashion designer what I design also reflects my personality, finding that signature style that makes people instantly know the designer behind the product takes time and experimentation.

Although I have always shown a great interest in art & design, and becoming a fashion designer is my aspiration I also love the production and manufacture aspect. It is more technical and requires a lot of concentration but I love the whole process of taking an idea that can be inspired by absolutely anything and developing that into a wearable garment. It was only in my last year of uni when I was able to find a way of working that combined both design and manufacture to express my thoughts.

It all starts with an inspiration, like a photo of a building, which I take key shapes from and experiement with on a mannequin to see what works best.

I take the idea I feel most satisfied with and develop into a design so I am able to produce patterns for to turn into a garment.

I use the garment patterns to produce samples, the outcome of the sample will help me decide what has worked best and from that I can generate further designs.

And before you know it a collection is born…