Make a copy of your favourite trousers

17 Nov

I have these trousers with the perfect fit, iv had them for a few years now and unfortunately I struggle to find trousers that fit me perfectly. Do you have the same problem? Iv decided to make a tutorial on making a pattern based on your favourite trousers or jeans. It’s a great way to have the same fit but in different material and colours and off course you can use your creativity to adjust the pattern to create different designs.

What you will need:

– Paper, I use pattern paper to make up my patterns because its a large roll, alternatively you can use large pieces of paper and tape them together.

– Tape measure

– Pencil and rubber

– Ruler

– Scissors

– Tracing Wheel (you should be able to find these at habedashery shops or you can get one from

Step 1: Lay one leg of the trousers on paper with the front side facing up like so…

Step 2: Pin in place

Step 3: Using your tracing wheel trace round the front of one leg…

Step 4: For corners or parts difficult to get a tracing wheel in use a sharp pin to mark on paper (press the pin through the material making sure you have marked the paper) Dont forget to trace round the front pocket.

Step 5: Mark out the hem with a sharp pencil.

Step 6: Once you have traced round the whole leg remove the trousers and you should see the shape of the trouser leg marked out in small dots. Using a sharp pencil draw over these to make the pattern more visible. Measure the seams on the trousers to make sure you have the correct measurements.

Step 7: If you traced round the front pocket it should look like this. You will now need to draft out the pocket facing, measure 1.5 inches all the way round like so…

Step 8: Next mark out the pocket bag depending on the size you want it.

Step 9: You will now need to draft out the fly zip, I have marked out the fly zip facing. It is common to have the fly zip facing as a seperate piece then sew it on, I like to have the facing as part of the front leg pattern. If this sounds confusing check out this tutorial to make it more clear.

Step 10: Now for the tricky part. As you have probably noticed the back leg does not lay out flat because it is bigger than the front. The best way is to lay it down so the inside seam is on the edge and the outer seam is folded over. Pin the leg in place.

Step 11: Trace round the back seam and top seam that connects to the waistband.

Step 12: Find the outer seam and pin it in place like so..

Step 13: Measure how much the outer seam is folded over then mark out this measurement, the photo should make this clearer.

Step 14: The trousers have a back pocket with a nice design which I would like to include. If you’re not interested in including a back pocket skip this step. I have pinned the pocket in place and placed pins through to mark them on the paper, this will leave 4 dots on the paper to indicate the placement of the pocket.

Step 15: Draft in the pocket like so…

Step 16: Draft in the bag pocket.

Step 17: Draft in the seam and hem allowance, I like to use a 1.5 cm seam with 3cm hem.

Step 18: You now need to create the patterns for your front pocket. This is what they should look like, and also what your front trouser pattern should look like.

Step 19: And then the back pocket patterns.

Step 20: Draft out your waistband by tracing round the waistband of the trouser.

Step 21: This is what you should end up with.


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