Countdown to the final season of Gossip Girl!

28 Sep

So the final season of Gossip Girl is nearly here, and ermmm excited isn’t the word! It’s one of my favourite TV shows, partially due to the fashion. Iv just seen the latest trailer and it did not fail my expectations! With drama, excitement, scandals and oh yes the fashion! Check out the trailer:

My favourite character on the show has to be Blair Waldorf, I love her personality style and wittiness. Heres a few of my favourite outfits shes worn on the show:

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One Response to “Countdown to the final season of Gossip Girl!”

  1. tedsbeautifulbows September 28, 2012 at 11:41 pm #

    I absolutely LOVE Blair Waldorf! She has incredible style and her character is what makes the show in my opinion, she has attitude and her love drama with Chuck is what keeps the show high on my list of tv shows! Love your blog, please keep posting!

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