Finding your personal style

24 Sep

Fashion is a form of art, what you wear expresses your personality, style or even the mood you’re in. As a fashion designer what I design also reflects my personality, finding that signature style that makes people instantly know the designer behind the product takes time and experimentation.

Although I have always shown a great interest in art & design, and becoming a fashion designer is my aspiration I also love the production and manufacture aspect. It is more technical and requires a lot of concentration but I love the whole process of taking an idea that can be inspired by absolutely anything and developing that into a wearable garment. It was only in my last year of uni when I was able to find a way of working that combined both design and manufacture to express my thoughts.

It all starts with an inspiration, like a photo of a building, which I take key shapes from and experiement with on a mannequin to see what works best.

I take the idea I feel most satisfied with and develop into a design so I am able to produce patterns for to turn into a garment.

I use the garment patterns to produce samples, the outcome of the sample will help me decide what has worked best and from that I can generate further designs.

And before you know it a collection is born…


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